Hershberger's Farm

Hershberger's Farm

For more than 35 years, the Hershberger family has been raising and training high-quality draft and draft cross horses. These horses have been sold and are being used in over 25 States as well as throughout Canada.

Known for providing traffic-safe and sound horses, Hershberger's Farm is pleased to offer attractive horses that look good and work well. The horses are also known as being versatile and many of them can be ridden English or Western and can be driven single and double.

You will also find "Hershey" Horses in mounted patrol units around the United States. It takes a special horse to work in law enforcement. It takes a unique blend of temperament and personality combined with the right size and athletic ability to even qualify as a mounted patrol horse. From there, it takes great training to prepare each horse to perform well in the stressful environments that police horses are exposed to.

Hershberger's Farm

5452 State Rte 557
Millersburg, Ohio 44654
Phone: 330-600-0197

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